"Latvian Open" - high quality!


Of course, your tournament is at high quality, that's why we come to your tournament, not to the other ones. It's very good to have possibility to play against other floorball cultures. Also the accommodation was nice.


Sveiki, Organizers of "Latvian Open!"


It was a great pleasure to participate in the "Latvian Open 2014". We had tough games and big emotions in the Elite group. It was a special honour for us to play against very strong teams from Finland and Latvia in Valmiera!


Very many thanks for inviting us to "Latvian Open 2014"!


Tournament was very nice and very well organized event.
The food was especially delicious and the foodservice worked efficiently, many thanks for them too!
And special thanks for helping us, when we needed to get one injured person to the local hospital.


Let's hope that we will see you next year in "Latvia Open 2015"!


Tomi Nurminen,
"SalBa Ry"

Наша благодарность в адрес организаторов турнира "Latvian Open 2014"!


Уже в третий раз подряд наша команда из Беларуси участвовала в "Latvian Open". Серьезных побед своих мы еще не одержали на этом турнире. Но верю, что тот опыт, те уроки, которые мы получили, рано или поздно дадут результат. И через пару лет наша команда дойдет-таки до финала!


Огромный респект организаторам, что верят в нас и помогают нам развивать флорбол в Беларуси.


До встречи на "Latvian Open 2015"!


Команда "Minsk" (Беларусь)

Прекрасный Турнир! Спасибо большое организаторам! Именно благодаря этому турниру мы прогрессируем как команда.


Не верьте всему, что пишет пресса! Мы, "Pietarin Tikkat" ("Питерские Дятлы") как и все русские люди любим Латвию и латышей.


Еще раз спасибо!

Amazing trip to Valmiera!


We would like to thank all the organizers, players etc. from your great "Latvian Open 2014" tournament. Our team really enjoyed the whole stay in Valmiera.


Special thanks to Ilvis&Andris, great work and hospitality!
See you all again at "Latvian Open 2015"!


Pasi Peltola
President, SC Classic

Great tournament!


Paldies, Latvija!


As a head coach for Latvian National team, I want to share my thanks for organizers. Everything around the tournament were perfect and feedback was really good from other teams in Elite group! Good work!



Four teams participated in Latvian Open 2014 Men's Elite category tournament and Classic (Finland) came out victorious. SalBa (Finland) got second place, but Latvian Men’s National Team finished third.



Pārgauja (Latvia) won Latvian Open 2014 Men's Pro category title outlasting 17 other contenders. FBC Spartak (Russia) reached second place, but FK Rīga (Latvia) finished third.



For the second year in a row Nauka Trevelstroy (Russia) won Latvian Open Women's category tournament. Rubene (Latvia) placed second, but NT-2 (Russia) finished third.