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2007-08-21 22:03:23

Another place fully ruled by floorball will be marked on the map of Latvia and world floorball. We welcome everybody to visit this great event who will kick off on morning August 24. Let this international tournament be remembered with positive atmosphere, lots of emotions and true feelings of victory. See you at the Latvian Open 2007!

Shortly before the opening of national championships Latvian and foreign floorball teams will come together in Valmiera and Koceni for the "Latvian Open" cup.  During the year of its opening the tournament gathers majority of the strongest domestic teams, both men and women, as well as the guests from Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Poland. This will be the place for every floorball fan to witness the level of preparedness of domestic teams for the new season and watch no less important games with strong foreign teams. During the three-day tournament floorball fans will have a chance to watch 72 tense games rich in wonderfully scored goals.


Nebūs kkāda atklāšana vai kkas tāds? :)
... @ 22.08.2007 - 21:18

I want true feelings of victory!!! :D :)) Visi saņemās un
aidāaa uz Latvian Open!!! :))
true feelings @ 22.08.2007 - 13:11

Paldies Par Info!!!!!!!!!!!!
spēlētājs @ 22.08.2007 - 09:16

Turnirs sakas 24. augusta plkst. 9:00. Komandu speletajiem
nebus jamaksaa par citu spelju skatishanos.
Info @ 22.08.2007 - 09:09

a kkas notiks vai nee?? jo rakstiits, kad no
?? @ 22.08.2007 - 08:52

Spēlētājiem arī būus Jāmaksāa par
spēlētājs @ 22.08.2007 - 08:25

latvianopen atbalsts 2008 lino valmiera voc puma kocēni ksk precisionfloorball rsk

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